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Monday, 8-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Giant, Giant and Giant again...

Uiiih...garang nyerrr
Ni muka lepas kena pukul sebab curi sate
His daily routine...lepak
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I think all of you must be bored with Giant's photos ...maybe this shouldn't be my fotopages but Giant's, but I have no other interesting subject to take pics, anyway Giant is so cute and unique (well, at least I think so )...The pics below were taken at different times, but I uploaded them all at once...
Got a pic of Giant quarreling with his papa, his papa loves to bully him...(I do too, but the difference is Giant won't do a scratch to his papa as he's afraid of him (papa), but I got all sorts of marks from Giant even if I just tease him a bit )
Then another pic of Giant after he succeeded in stealing a chicken sate from the table...he doesn't eat people's food, but just can't resist stealing so after he got a knock on the head from papa, this is one of the places he'll hide till the coast is clear...other place is usually his cage or into my arms
Other pics are his daily routines, I think we have a lot of his pics in this pose, but I love it so cute!!!!

P/s: Please excuse the mess did by Giant at the sofa and the mess did by his parents behind him...we are packing up to move to our new house

Sunday, 17-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Another unique pose by Giant!

Lena diulit intan
I really wonder how he did this
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I was watching CSI, then suddenly wondering where Giant is, and saw him in this position So cute!!!!This seems to be one of his fav place to sleep, and also sharpened his nails You can see the evidence at the sofa, penat jer aku bawak balik sofa-bed tu dari Japan...

Saturday, 16-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bon Odori 2005

Day sight
One of the stalls
Traditional dance
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As usual, in July, my annual routine is going to Penang Bon Odori at Esplanade.Again, I took Umi and her friends, all are interested with Japanese culture, they dance till they forgot themselves! Last year, we went bowling after the festival, but this year as my senior and family from Ipoh also joined us, we went karaoke instead as they love karaoke.Umi is our best singer, kalah Kak Pah beb!!!! No pics though...

Friday, 15-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I miss my Giant!!

Now you see me?
Now you don't!(sepatutnya la tapi dah dia ni gemuk!)
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Balik2 je mesia first skali charge handycam then apo laei, amik gambo Giant banyak2 la...hehehe...stupid mistake...tak bawak charger, dok kalut2, takleh amik gambo lain masa kat oversea...so inilah gambo Giant yang gumbira mama dier balik Cara Giant tunjukkan kegembiraan?Ngacau owang nak lipat cadar.Dah abis aktiviti menyibuk, aktiviti peberet dier adalah tido atas workdesk...

Sunday, 3-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Traveling for work

First pic at Narita airport
People queuing up
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Took midnight flight from Penang to Narita, but couldn't sleep much.Maybe I drank too much teh tarik,dah stewardess setengah jam skali asik tanya nak apa-apa tak,tak jawab kang kesian lak,so kasi je diorg keje Sampai-sampai je still blur-blur,ngantuk...sampai je ader shuttle bus amik ke hotel.

Here we are at Tokyo Imperial Hotel, terletak di salah satu kota termahal di dunia,Ginza.Sampek kat lobby,orang escort ke bilik.This is my 2nd trip,but last time dapat bilik city-view,kali ni sea-view(actually kuala sungai je,ntah aper-aper ).I love the interior,the service was great!

Mmg kawasan org kaya,bosan nengok madam-madam jepun ngada-ngada,bebudak skolah shopping sehari beribu-ribu lemon,mmg kat sini dikelilingi kedai branded,siap ada Brand Street,sepanjang jalan penuh kedai brg branded.Ni gambar dinner kat restoran mende ntah ngan my team.Lain-lain tu gambo saja amik boring-boring time lam flight to my next destination.See ya!

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